• In 1485 cortes was born in medillen,spain.
  • in 1502 Cortes heard about the Exploration to the WestIndes by his idle Diego Velesques.
  • The Conquistadors and Cortes gave the Aztecs diseases.
  • Cortes and the Conquistadors attaked the Aztecs with the Aztecs with their enemies.
  • Cortes conquered the Aztecs and some of the Aztecs joined Cortes so they won't die.
  • Cortes imprisoned Moctezuma after he treated Cortes like he was at home.
  • Cortes brought more than 500 Conquistadors(Conquistadors is a spanish word for conquer)
  • Cortes made a war between them and the Aztecs

war between aztecs and spain

The Spanish conquest of the aztecs in 1521 Cortes,was a landmark victory for the european settlers.Following the Spanish arrival in Mexico a huge battle started between the army of Cores and the Aztecs under the rule of Moctezuma.The events that occured were crutial to the development of the Americas lands and have been the subject debate in present years.
hernan cortes

Hernan Cortes