1. Desoto was the first European to discover the Mississippi River.
  2. Desoto found many American indians.
  3. Desoto died near discovering gold.
  4. May,30,1539 Desoto and his crew went to florida.

Jaliyah Smith's Desoto Information

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Desoto Facts

1. Desoto spent four years exploring the area and searching for gold and silver.

 2. Desoto went on an expedition to Nicragua,South America,with Francisco de Cordoba.

 3. On his second expedition in Peru,he found gold in he was rich when he came back to Spain.
 4. The reason why Desoto went on expeditions was because he was greedy.
 5. Desoto was the first European to croos the Appalachain Mountains.

 6. Desoto also discoverd the Mississippi River.

7. Desoto was wounded in a battle with Native Americas.

8. Desoto was determined to countinue hs treasure hunt that he refused
to inform his men that Spanish vessels were of the cost.

9. When Desoto had died he was buried in the river so that the Natives Americans,
whom he had intimidated and ill-used,would not learn of his death.

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Hernando De Soto Commemorative Bridge