Francisco Vasquez De Coronado
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Map of Coronado's exploration of the southwestern United States

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Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Coronado Rm 14
Coronado Rm 14

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TOMI OST - Coronado DeCava
TOMI OST - Coronado DeCava

  • Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was born in 1510 in Salamanca,Spain.

  • Coronado left home after his parent promised the family fortune to his older brother.

  • Coronado became a explorer and sailed to Mexico in 1536.

  • In 1539, Coronodo set out on a expedition to find and conquer the 7 cities of gold. He never found them.

  • Coronado and his army were the first Europeans to travel up the Rio Grande and discoverd the Grand Canyon.

  • Coronado and his army were the first to explore the Southwestern US in search of riches, none were found.

  • Coronado later returned to Spain empty handed. He became Governor of New Galencia( spanish colonies).

  • Coronado was accused of mis-treating the Indians and was replaced as Governor.

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Coronado Sets Out tothe North,

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