1. Hudson went to school so he could write and read ,he learned math,history and geography

  2. Hudson believed that Greenland was just a small island. BY:COLE A.

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  1. Hudson was sent to explore North America.

  2. Huson explored New ,Amsterdam and Hudson,Bay.external image 220px-HenryHudson.jpg

  3. His men left him in the middle of the bay.

  4. First European to sail to the Hudson river.

  5. Crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1609.

  6. Explored Greenland,and Spitzbergen.

  7. Hired by the Eniglish in 1607.

  8. Crossed Arctic Ocean.


  1. was born in England they don't know what year he was born in or day.

  2. Hudson had a wife named Katherine,and three sons. BY:COLE A.

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  1. Hudson was an English sea explorer and navigator in the early 17th century.

  2. Hudson discovered a strait and immense bay on his final expedition while searching for the Northwest Passage

  3. In 1607, the Muscovy Company of the Kingdom of England hired Hudson to find a northerly route to the Pacific coast of Asia

  4. Hudson is thought to have spent many years at sea, beginning as a cabin boy and gradually working his way up to ship's captain.


  1. In 1906, Henry Hudson was chosen by the Dutch East India Company to lead their effort to discover a water passage to the east

  2. The Dutch called the new land Netherland

  3. The Dutch West India Company had owned the land called Netherland now call New York.

  4. The Company brougth some families North America some wanted to go to the Atlantic

  5. He discovered the Hudson river and bay.

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