1. De Las Casas was a priest and spanish explorer.
  2. He studied Latin and theology at the Cathedral of Seville.
  3. He graduated in 1498 with a law degree from the University of Salamanca.
  4. He became a Roman Catholic priest in 1510.
  5. He helped laws protect Indian rights.
  6. In 1520, he went to the King of Spain to help free Indians from slavery.
  7. He devoted his life to speaking and writing on behalf of the Indians.
  8. His famous writing was "Tears of the Indians" .

Sources used: Internet, Textbook, Own Words.

By: TeCara and Maya

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On Plaza 31 de Marzo
On Plaza 31 de Marzo
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Map of Spain
Map of Spain

Bartonlome De Lascas was a 16th century spanish prieat. He was called the "Protector of the Indian"
He gave up all his Indian slaves. He was made Bishop shop of Chiapas in Guatermala.
Became the first priest to be ordained in the New World.
He was an Explorer who traveled on his ship to the New World.
He was famous and everybodyliked De Lascasas.
He was a colonist and lived in seville.

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