King Philip
Thomas Hooker
New England Colonies:Daniel,Jade,Christian,Austin Geter.


1. How did puritans set a good example for others?

These settlers wanted to form communites where they could follow the rules of the Bible and serve their God. Jade H.

2. What was the Puritan government based on?Puritans had more other European colonies,when people make laws for themselves ,usally only male church members could take part in town government.

3. Who was in the government? Who could vote?Puritan religon shaped the government of the Massachuests Bay Colony. The men could only vote if they were members of the church.

4. What is a town meeting and what did they do there?A town meeting was a gahtring were colonists held elections and voted on the laws for the towns. Daniel N.

5. What is a self-government? A self-government is a government in which the people who live in a place make laws for themselves. Jade H.

Rhode Island

6. What is a dissenter and what did they believe about the Puritan leaders?A dissenter is a person who does not agree with the beliefs of his/her leaders.

7. Who is Roger Williams and why was he banished?Roger Williams was a dissenter and was banished for religious beliefs. Worship freely and seperated government and the church.

King Philips War

8. What happened in Rhode Island regarding religious freedom? Roger Willams kept the church separated from the government.Daniel N.

9. Who was Anne Hutchinson and what did she do?

She also was a dissneter.She held town meetings where where men and women talked about religon. Puritan leaders did not like this.

Jade H.

=Conneticut, New Hampshire, Maine


He was a minister and he ministered to other people.

11. Who fought over the land? Why?In the 1630's, a war broke out between the colonists and the Pequot Indians.

12. Who was Metacomet? Metacomet was a leader of the Wampanoag nations.This leader tried to protect

13. What was King Philip’s War and what were the results?In 1675, Metacomet, whom the colonists called King Phillip,attacked Massachussetts Villages. The battles that spread across New England became known as King Phillip's War. The colonists had more sodiers and better weapons than Metacomet's small army.