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1. How did Puritans set a good example for others?
Puritans set an example because they shared their opinions and were not afraid to do it. They followed the rules of the Bible and served their God.

2. What was the Puritan government based on?
The Puritan government was based on self governement and the laws were based on the Bible and Puritan religion.

3. Who was in the government? Who could vote?
The colonists took part in the government. Only white men who owned land and were church members could vote.

4. What is a town meeting and what did they do there?
A town meeting was a gathering where colonists held elections. They voted on the laws and made decisions for their towns.

5. What is a self-government?A self-government is a place in which people make laws for themselves. new-england-colonies-2-tn.jpguss_constitution.jpg

Rhode Island

6. What is a dissenter and what did they believe about the Puritan leaders?
A dissenter is a person who doesn't agree with their leader and thinks the leader should not tell them how to act or what to believe.

7. Who is Roger Williams and why was he banished?
Roger Williams a dissenter who agreed with the Puritan leaders and wanted more relgious freedoms. He was banished from Massachusetts for it.

8. What happened in Rhode Island regarding religious freedom?
In 1636 Williams founded a new colony. It was called Rhode Island. Their people could worship freely and the govenment was seperate from the church.

9. Who was Anne Hutchinson and what did she do?
She was a Puritan leader. She criticized church leaders and began preaching her thoughts on the Bible. They banished her for it.
Conneticut, New Hampshire, Maine

10. Who was Thomas Hooker and what did he do?
Thomas Hooker was a minister who did not like some of the rules. Those rules were made by the Puritans in Massachusetts.

Conflicts Over Land

11. Who fought over the land? Why?
King Philips War
King Philips War

King Philips War
The Puritans and American Indians fought over the land and disagreed about who owned the land.
1newpix.gif2. Who was Metacomet?
Metacomet was a leader of the Wampanog nation. He wanted to avoid war, but her believed that his people had to fight to stay on their land.
13. What was Kind Philip’s War and what were the results?
King Philip's War was named for King Philip but has also been called Metacomet's War. It was a bloody battle between Native American Indians and the colonists. Many people died as well as King

By:Ariana,Brennan,Kaniya,and Mekalah