New England Colonies:

Sophie , Miles ,Ben ,and Trinidee

Using the Sea

1. What was farming like in New England?
Farming was difficult. Farmers planted few crops.Most only planted enough for there family

2. How were rivers, oceans, and lakes used in New England?
They used water ways to ship wood.They also used it for drinking and transportation.

Shipbuilding, Fishing, and Whaling

3. What is an industry?
A business that caries or makes 1 kind of product.

4. What did people in New England do to make money? (include info about whaling)
They caught fish and whale to sell ,and made ships.
They used the fat for oil.external image whal111.jpg external image 0511-0810-2705-1157_Fisherman_Wearing_a_Yellow_Rain_Slicker_clipart_image.jpgexternal image Bounty_Ship.jpg

5. What is an export?
An export is a product shipped to somewhere and then sold.

6. Look at the chart on page 137. What was exported from the colonies? Fish,whale,whale oil,lumbering,and tabacco.
Triangular Trade

7. What is an import? What was imported to the colonies from Europe and Africa?It is were you get something over sea.slaves,gold,sugar,molassas,and iron products.

8. What is the triangular trade?
the triangular trade is a trade network exchanged imports and exports among Africa,Europe,and North America.


9. What is the Middle Passage? Why was it so horrible?
The Middle Passage was a bunch of slaves in a boat. They didn't have much food or water.They were tied in chains to the boat so they could not escape.

10. How did the slaves get to the colonies?
The slaves came to the colonies by a really small boat.
The Middle Passage
The Middle Passage

11. Who is Olaudah Equiano?
Olaudah Equiano was an enslaved boy who survived ''The Middle Passage.''

12. What is the slave trade and who bought slaves?
The slave trade was the business of buying and selling human beings.

Home and Community Life

13. Describe the homes of the colonists in a sentence.
Colonist's homes were wooden with one main room.there was a fireplace that kept burning at all times.

14. What kind of work did the little boys and little girls do? What did the men and women do?
Men and boys spent most of their time working in the fields. Women and girls spent their time preparing and preserving food.

Education and Recreation

15. Why did the colonists want people to be able to read?
Colonist wanted everyone to be able to read so they could read the bible.
student holding books
student holding books

16. What law about school was passed?
In 1647 Massachusetts passed a law that said any town with 50 or more families had to build a school.

The Great Awakening

17. What is the Great Awakening and why was it important?
The Great Awakening is when the people got religion. It was import because people had thier own religion.
18. Who are Edwards and Whitefield? What did they do
Click to see an enlarged picture
Click to see an enlarged picture

Edwards and whitfild are young minister. They traveled around New England in the 1730's preaching to colonist.