New England Colonies:Massachussetts,New Hampshire,Rhode Island,Conneticut,Maine,and New York

This is the New England Colonies

Using the Sea

1. What was farming like in New England? Farming was hard because soil was rocky and thin so people couldn't grow crops.They couldn't grow crops because glaciers scraped the good soil away and left rocky soil.glacier.jpgexternal image is?o4-y0tbJoH0ApV8f8s2g46Wtcs9Q6tKHfdXQGTJJ4h8

2. How were rivers, oceans, and lakes used in New England? Oceans were used for whales and their bones,skin,and fat.They would put wood on ships then put the shis on rivers to sail the goods to the ocean.

Shipbuilding, Fishing, and Whaling

3. What is an industry?An industry is all the businesses that make one kind product or provide one kind of service.

4. What did people in New England do to make money? (include info about whaling) They made products such as oil for lamps.They made the oil from whale fat.They got the fat from whales they killed. By the 1700's, whaling was one of the religions most important industries.

5. What is an export? An export is a product sent to country and sold .

6. Look at the chart on page 137. What was exported from the colonies?Fish,whale oil,lumber,and tobacco was exported from the colonies.

Triangular Trade

7. What is an import? What was imported to the colonies from Europe and Africa?An import is when a different countries send food and other goods to other countries. They were imported gold and slaves.
8. What is the triangular trade?The triangular trade was a shipping route between North America,Europe,and Africa.


9. What is the Middle Passage? Why was it so horrible? It was a voyage from Africa to the West Indies. It was so horrible because many Africans died of disease or hunger along the way.

10. How did the slaves get to the colonies? The slaves got trough by ships. The ships sailed through the Middle Passage.

11. Who is Olaudah Equiano?Ouladah Equiano was a slave who survied the middle passage.

12. What is the slave trade and who bought slaves?The slave trade was the buying and selling human beings. Sell of human being colonists.

Home and Community Life

13. Describe the homes of the colonists in a sentence.Colonists lived in small wooden houses with few windows.
This is a colonial house

14. What kind of work did the little boys and little girls do? What did the men and women do?The boys brought the wood,cared for animals,gathered berries,helped plow,and they helped build.The girls wheaved,perseved fruits,cooked,made soap,and helped plant.The men worked in the fields,and women worked in the house with the girls.

Education and Recreation

15. Why did the colonists want people to be able to read?Puritans wanted everybody to read so they could read the bible.

16. What law about school was passed?The law said a town with so or more families had to build a school to teach reading and writing.

The Great Awakening

17. What is the Great Awakening and why was it important?The renewed interest in religion in the great Awakening.It is so important because people felt as if they were waking up with new faith.

18. Who are Edwards and Whitefield? What did they do?Edwards and White Field were ministers.They were famous speekers in the colonies.