mid._colonies.gifThe Middle Colonies :
City of Philadelphia, Province of Pennsylvania

1.What is a propertier?A propertier is a person who ownes all the land in a colony. william-penn.jpg200px-KingstonBurlingtonBerkeley.jpg

2. Who was the proprietor of New York?
James, the duke of york,was the proprietor of New York. He owned all the land.

3. What did the Duke of York do with part of his colony and what was it named?
He gave part of it to John Berkley and George Carteret. They named it New Jersey.

4. Who governed the New York and New Jersey for the proprietors?
John Berkeley and George Carteret were from England. They decided to pick governers from the colony.Then they let the villagers elect representatives.

5. What is a representative and what did the assembly of representatives do?
A representative is someone who is chosen to speak and act for others. The assembly helped the governer make laws.

Pennsylvania and Delaware

6. Who was William Penn and what did he do?
William Penn was a quaker. He started the colony Pennsylvania. ( Penn's Woods) He wanted all christians to be able to live together in peace.

7. Who were the Quakers and what did they believe?
Quakers were people who beleived that christians should be able to worship freely.They believed in freedom of religion.

8. How did Penn get a colony and what was Penn’s hope for his colony?
King Charles II owed money to the Penn family. He repayed them with a large amount of land in the middle colonies. He hoped to make a colony where christians could all live together in peace.
9. What rights did colonists in Pennsylvania have?
They had freedom of religion.They also had freedom of speech.

10. What was good about the treaty Penn made with the Delaware Indians?
Pennslyvanians and indians could live peacefully for years.The settlers bought land from the natives. From that point forward they lived in peace.

11. What do we need to know about Philadelphia?
It was the largest cities in the colonies.Its where the Delewere and schuykill rivers meet.During the 1700s Philadelphia became a center of trade.
12. Who is Benjamin Franklin and what important things did he do?
He was a man who invented clocksand wooden stoves.He flew a kite with a key tied on it to prove that lightning as a type of electricty.
13. What did Franklin do for Philadelphia?He founded a fire compony to make Philadelphia a safer place.Franklin.jpg[nice guy]

Benjamin Franklin published a newspapper and a popular book of stories and sayings called Poor Richard's Almanac.

By: Clara, Emma, Ja'lon, and Noah!!! (we all did 1/4 of the work execpt Clara did a little bit(1 question) more than the rest.)