Southern Colonies
1. What was the first English colony?
Virginia was the largest and wealthiest colony in North America. Virginia also became the first permanent colony in North America.

2. What is a plantation and who worked there?
A plantation is a large farm area in which crops were grown by the workers which were indentured servants or enslaved Africans.

3. What did colonists have to do after tidewater was taken up and what was their problem?
Since the tidewater destroyed their crops, they had to move farther away from the ocean, but the land was already taken by the Powhatans. The Powhatans weren't happy with the settlers taking over their land, so this caused war. Many colonists and indians died in this war.

Governing the Colony

4. What did colonists want to be able to do about laws?
They wanted to have a voice in laws, so they created the first elected legislature in the colonies called The House of Burgesses. The legislature had the power to make and change laws.

5. What is a legislature?
A legislature is a group of people with the power to make and change laws.

6. What is a representative and who was allowed to be one?
Someone who is chosen to speak and act for others.Only white men who owend property and went to church could be elected as representative.

7. What was the House of Burgesses and what was their job?
the house of burgesses where a group of people with the power to change laws and their job was to change laws.
8. What did the House of Burgesses do about religion in Virginia? Who had to leave and why?
The house of bureguesses band people from who didnt belive in their religous beliefs. Those people where puritians,quakers,and other people who where not Anglican
they had to leave because they didnt agree.


9. Who was Lord Baltimore and what did he do?
Lord Baltomor was a catholic are people were punished because of there beliefs. He made Maryland so it can be a safe place.
10. What is a refuge? Why was Maryland made a refuge?
A refuge is a safe place in 1649 Maryland goverment pass the tolrent act
11. What was the Toleration Act?
It was the first law in North america to promis to let christans worship freely.
The Carolinas

12. Who wanted land in the south and why?
king charles ll wanted to start to keep french and spain out of the colony
13.What were the good things about the Carolinas?
good farm land they grew a lot of rice.

14. Who was James Oglethorpe and which colony did he run?
James oglethorp was an english and army officer james ran the colony of geogia.
15. What is a debtor?
A peson who ows someone money.
16. Who did Oglethorpe want to live in Georgia and why?
Oglethorpe wanted poor people and debotors to live in geogia .He thought it would be better to live their.
17. What did he offer poor people and debtors?
Ogleththorpe offer them a trip to a colony and a farm of their own.
18. What did the colonists do with the Indians?
they traded with the Choctaws Cherrokees and creek.
19. What were the laws in Georgia? How did they change?
Southern Colonies: A Southern Homestead
Southern Colonies: A Southern Homestead
a picture of a homested back then

The colonist that lived in Geigora coudnt drink alcohol own slave or leg
Explain why each colony was founded.for means of creating. text book.