The Middle Colonies 2 (G/C):Jalen, Kate, Alex,and Kaitlyn!!!

1. Who did the Middle Colonies welcome? Why is this special or important? People from many religions and countries lived in the middle colonies. This is speacial,because the middle colonies would let in everyone in(because they only cared about getting money).Other colnies wouldn't let in people with different religions.

2. Why were the Middle Colonies diverse? the Middle Colonies were diverse,because their proprieters believed in religious tolerance. William Penn was a quaker who believed in religious belifes. William Penn also was the owner in Pennsylvania.

3. Why did people come to the Middle Colonies, and what did they do there? People came for a new life,worked on a farm, and came for religious tolerance.
Making a Living
4. What did the men, women, boys, and girls do for work? Both men and women worked in fields and in home. Boys plant and harvest crops. Girls cooked,sewed,and did the housework.

5. Which animals did the farmers raise and which crops did they grow? Cows and pigs.Farmers grew fruit,vegetables, and other crops.
6. How did the middle colonies get the nickname the “breadbasket” of the thirteen colonies? They grew a lot of grain, so they were known as the "breadbasket colony". They also grew a lot wheat.

7. What did farmers have a surplus of and what did they do with the surplus? Farmers sold surplus goods to earn money. They had a surplus of grain,livestock, and wheat.
8. How were the rivers used? They shipped grain and livestock across rivers. The rivers were also used for drinking it.
9. What is a merchant and what did they do? A merchant is a person who sells merchandise. They sell goods to other cities.

10. What is a free market economy? Why was it good for the colonists to have a free market economy? A free market economy is when the people,not the government,decide what to produce. Colonists were free to make decisions they belived it would earn then more money.

City Life

11. What were the important cities in the middle colonies, and why were the important? Philadelphia and New York were important cities,because they both had centers for shipping and trading. They also attracted merchants.

12. What is an artisan? An artisan is a person who is skilled at making something at hand. Like silver spoons or wooden chairs.

13. What is a laborer? Who were laborers? A laborer is a person who does hard physical work. Enslaved africans were laborers.

14. What is an apprentice and what did one do? Where did an apprentice live and why? An apprentice is someone who studies with a master to learn a skill or business. They lived in the master's house ,because that they would learn everything from thier master.
15. What did parents want their kids to do? Parents expected thier children to learn bussinesses or run the family farm instead of going to college. external image 1-1-2penn.jpgThis is the statue of the owner of Pennsylvania(William Penn.)external image normal_iil-ian-aj-0163.jpgThis photo is the rich soil that the Middle Colonies had from glaciers. It can only happen if the glacier melts on the grass.external image midcol1.gifThe color red is Pennslvania, the green is New York,the light blue (at the bottom) is Delaware,and the dark blue is New Jersey. YAAAYYYY MIDDLE COLONIES 2 (G/C)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!