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James Oglethorpe: General Oglethorpe
James Oglethorpe: General Oglethorpe

1. What was the first English colony? It was Virginia.It was also the biggest English colony and had lots of wealth.

2. What is a plantation and who worked there? A plantation is a big farm.The indentured servants and slaves worked on the farm and grew tobacco and rice.

3. What did colonists have to do after tidewater was taken up and what was their problem? They had to move to different land because their land was taken over by water.They had to fight the Powhatans for the new land.

Governing the Colony

4. What did colonists want to be able to do about laws? The people wanted their voice to be heard when the laws were made and wanted to write their own laws.

5. What is a legislature? A group of elected people that make and change laws. The legislature was called the House of Burgesses.

6. What is a representative and who was allowed to be one? A representative is an elected member of the legislature. Only white men who owned property could be elected or cast a vote.

7. What was the House of Burgesses and what was their job? It was the legislature and they were elected to make and change the laws in the colonies.

8. What did the House of Burgesses do about religion in Virginia? Who had to leave and why? The House of Burgesses decided to make the Anglican church the official church of the Virginia colony. All other religions including the Puritans,Quakers and all others were told to leave the co
George Calvert, first Lord Baltimore
George Calvert, first Lord Baltimore


9. Who was Lord Baltimore and what did he do? His name was Celius Calvert and he was the governor of Maryland. He tried to make Maryland a refuge for Catholics.

10. What is a refuge? Why was Maryland made a refuge? A refuge is a safe place .Maryland was given by the King of England to Calvert as a place for Catholics to live.

11. What was the Toleration Act? It was the first law in North America .It was a law that all Christians could worship as they wanted.

The Carolinas

12. Who wanted land in the south and why? King Charles II wanted the land so he could start a new colony. He wanted to keep the French and the Spanish out.

13.What were the good things about the Carolinas? They had good farming land and they had good harbors for ships.


14. Who was James Oglethorpe and which colony did he run? He was a English lawmaker and a army officer. He ran the Georgia

15. What is a debtor? A debtor is a person who owes money.

16. Who did Oglethorpe want to live in Georgia and why? He wanted debtors and poor people to live there because he wanted to give them another chance.

17. What did he offer poor people and debtors?He let them start a new life,and offered them a free trip to the colony with their own small farms.

18. What did the colonists do with the Indians? He developed friendships with the Choctaws,Cherokees,and the Creeks.

19. What were the laws in Georgia? How did they change? They couldn't drink alcohol,also they couldn't own a slave,and couldn't elect their own legislature.After time they didn't like the laws and when the laws changed they could have slaves work for them.

Explain why each colony was founded. Virginia- to find gold
Maryland- as a refuge for Catholics
Carolinas- to help England control southeastern North America
Georgia- to help debtors and other poor people