1)Where did your tribe live ?
The area was in central Mexico.

(2)How did climate affect the way your Native American tribe meets their needs for food, clothing, and housing?
What is the climate like? Describe it.

The climate affects the food because it helps the food grow like the rain and the sun helps them grow food. The water also helps the Aztecs eat fish. The climate affects the clothing because it attracts animals by the heat so they can kill the animal and take its fur. Their clothing was loose fitting and did not cover all the body. The clothing was normally made of cotton or ayate fiber. Made from cactus. and had many beautiful colors. The climate affects the housing by the mud and dirt. because the rain makes mud and the sun dries the mud to make dirt.

(3)How do geography/landforms affect the way your Native American tribe meets their needs for food, clothing, and housing?
The plains attract animals they can hunt and eat. They could use the animal skins to make clothing. Their houses were made out of mud from the land they lived on. They built what are called chinampas . Chinampas are areas of raised land, created from alternating layers of mud from the bottom of the lake, and other vegetation. These “raised beds” were separated by narrow canals, which allowed farmers to move between them by canoe. The chinampas were extremely fertile pieces of land, and yielded, on average, seven crops annually. In order to plant on them, farmers first created “seedbeds,” or reed rafts, where they planted seeds and allowed them to germinate. Once they had, they were re-planted in the chinampas. This cut the growing time down considerably.
Is this in your own words like it is supposed to be?
(4) How did your tribe rely on and use natural reasources?they used water to help them with food because they can help them eat fish .The mud helped them with chinempas.The rain helped the Aztecs grow vegilbles and eat vegilbles helps them get helthy .The fire place helps them warm up food the cactus helped with their clothing Explain the island they built to farm More details and explaining will improve your project.(5)what tipes of jobs did the early native american tri bes have to help them meet their needs.They had greadening to help them with thier need of vegilbles .They had digging stickeshelped the Aztecs with growing vegilbles .The trees help with the fireplace to warm the food up, Explain exactly what the people did for jobs. There are several more jobs that should be included. What is a digging stick?(6)they had a money system (7)Thier different because they have a market and they have a famus island that helps them grow crops and that is how they get their water and they also go fishing