Where did your tribe live? The Chickasaw lived in America South East Mississippi,Alabama, West and Middle Tennessee ,Kentucky,and Missiouri.The Shawanee lived in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Middle Tennessee.The Creek lived in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North California, and Southern Tennesse.
How does the climate affect how the Chickasaw,Shawnee,and Creek Indians lived and survived?
Chickasaw had different types of homes. A summer house, a winter house, and a storage house. The summer houses were built from bark and wood. The walls were made of woven mats to keep the inside cool. The winter houses had thick walls that were covered with dry mud to keep cold air out. The storage houses were used to store foods that they grew. During the summertime, the Shawnee lived in large villages. They killed animals to eat and also to make their clothing and tools.The Shawnee had wigwoms made from trees. They covered them with bark or animal skin. During the winter, the Shawnee would live in smaller groups and humt and camp in search for food. The Creek hunted the land and grew gardens for food. They lived in thatch huts. The Creek wore deer skin in the summer to keep cool and in the the winter they wore buffalo skin to keep warm.The women wore skirts with leggings and the men wore breechclouts and leggings.The most rain is in the winter and spring. The driest months are September and October.
How did geography/landforms affect tribes needs for food,clothing,and housing?
All three tribes got food and clothing from the animals they hunted. They made tools and weapons from the animal bones. They made clothes from the animal skins. They also fished the lakes and rivers. They chose Middle Tennessee because it had lots of animals and good land for crops.The Nashville Basin has good soil for farming. They used the Tennessee River to fish and get drinking water. They also used the Mississippi and the Cumberland rivers.The Highland Rim soil was poor for growing crops.
How did your tribe rely on and use natural resources?
The resources of Middle TN allowed them to hunt and gather fruit and vegetables.They made arrowheads from rocks.They fished in the lakes and streams.They travelled in the waters in canoes they made from trees.
What types of jobs did Early Native American tribes have to help them meet their needs? The men were warriors, hunters, and traders. They also were home and boat builders or tool makers. The women were farmers and did child care and cooking.Did your tribe have a money system or a barter system?Describe it.The Chickasaw bartered with the British by fur trading.All tribes trades cloth,metal,tools,knives,guns,iron pots, and other goods.No money system was used.
What type of government did your tribe have? How did they handle conflicts?The Chickasaw tribe was ruled by clan chiefs, led by a war chief, who made military and political decisions for the tribe. The Creek and the Shawnee tribes were ruled by a chief and tribal council. Chiefs from each tribe formed a legislative body and Tribal Court. A Tribal military enforced the laws and covenants.
What makes this tribe unique,different from other tribes? The Chickasaw Indians liked to play a game called"brother to war." It was similar to lacrosse. They also were very religious and relied on faith for healing. The Shawnee also had the first newspaper written entirely in Indian language in 1834. It was called The Shawnee Sun. The Creek were also known as Muscogee. They were the first Native Americans to be "civilized" under George Washington's civilization plan. The Creek leggings were different from the other tribes.They wore two separate leggins one for each leg.

Chickasaw house

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Indian weapons

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Shawnee wigwam
Chicksaw clothing
Chicksaw clothing
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Creek Indian Mound