1. Where did your tribe live?
Creek indians lived mainly in Georgia,Alabama, and Florida and Southeastern Tennessee.Shawnee
indians lived in Mid/western Tennessee and Mississippi. The Choctaw indians lived in Southeastern United States in Mississippi,South Georgia,Alabama,Louisiana,and North Florida.

2. How did climate affect the way your tribe met their needs for food,clothing,and housing?
The climate in summer was very hot.The soil was rich.The indians built their towns along the waterways.Indian families had gardens with fresh fruits and vegtables.The river valleys were good for fishing.Most of the southeast receives plenty of rain.The wiinters were cool.Temperatures in the mountains are cooler than the flat areas.After autumn harvest,men went into the forest on hunting trips.All winter they tracked animal like deer and bear.Because of the warm temperatures,indians wore little clothing and went barefoot.In winter,they wore moccasins and animal skins.They built their homes out of mud,clay,grass,and tree branches.

Creek Indian Family

3. How do landforms affect the way your native American tribe meets thier needs for food,clothing,and housing?
The Chickasaw,Creek,and Shawnee indians all used the waterways for travel and fishing.They went to the mountains for cooler temperatures and hunted in the forest.The Southeast has many different types of trees and plants.Indians used their environment to stay safe,make their houses,and supply food and water.


4. How did your tribe rely on and use natural resources?
The indians used the land and water for fishing,hunting,collecting plant food,and farming.The areas near the rivers often flooded but produces fertile soil rich in nutrients,great for growing crops.The forest were full of deer,small animals,and birds.The most important animals to hunt were deer and bear.

5. What types of jobs did Early Native American tribes have to help them meet their needs?
The Early Native American tribes hunted,fished,built houses,and protected their community
from attacks by other tribes.They also plowed the gardens.The men would sometimes burn
down the forests to clear out the lands for gardens.The warriors made their own weapons and
The creek indian worker
made their own canoes.They made their own clothes from animal skin,hair,and plants.
They also had religous specialists.

6. Did your tribe have a money or a barter system?Describe it.
Trade was a very important part of indian culture.They traveled on foot or by canoe to trade with other tribes. Both men and woman prepared goods for trade but men usually did the traveling.
I could not find anything about money only trading!

7. What type of government did your tribe have?How they handle conflict?
The village or tribe had some kind of civil organization or government that was headed by a civil leader or cheif.Each creek town had a leader called a Mekko.A Mekko had many different jobs.All Mekkos wanted all jobs done correctly all the time.

There are three Shawnee bands in Oklahoma. Like most Native American tribes, the Shawnee Indian tribes are autonomous. That means each tribe has its own government and laws. In the past, each Shawnee village or band was governed by its own chief and tribal council. The Shawnees also had war chiefs, who were chosen by other warriors based on their bravery and military skill. But all of them owed allegiance to one main principal chief. The principal chief was a member of the ruling clan who the other Shawnee leaders chose to be in charge of the entire tribe. The Shawnee principal chief was a powerful figure, but he needed the support of his people to stay in power-- otherwise he could be replaced. Today each Shawnee tribe is governed by a tribal committee that is elected by all the tribal members.

8.What makes this tribe unique or different from all of the other tribes?
The Creek indians were the grandchildren of the Mound Builders.The Chickasaw,Shawnee,and
Creek indians also had different types of food like breadlike things.There are lots of traditional
Shawnee legends and fairy tales.Storytelling is very important to the Shawnee culture.One wellknown tale about a Shawnee man and woman ,A Shawnee man who married a Sky Daughter.The Chickasaw indians are sometimes listed as the a dialect of Choctaw Indians.Dialect means the useage or also vocabulary that is a characteristic of a specific group of people.The Creek indians also had a Red Stick war.The Creek indians had this war because of having conflict between each other.Red stick warriors started attacking the white
settlementes for revenge.Frightened white settlers moved to the forts for protection.

The Chickasaw,Shawnee,and Creek indian chickee house