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    Where did your tribe live?


Chinook and Tlingit live in Southeast Alaska,Northern California,and Whahgton State.

How does the weather affect the way your tribe meets there needs for food ,clothing ,and housing? Chinook people didn`t need many clothes because,when it rains the wore woven rain hats.Men and women worn fur capes if the weather was to cold.

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    How do geography / landforms affect the way Native American tribe meets there needs clothes for food ,clothing ,and housing

    .The have mountians,oceans, mountians,ocean, Island and bays.

  • How did your tribe rely on and use natural resources?

    The chinook people rely on the Great River.The Tilngit rely on Totem Poles.

  • What types of jobs did early native amercian tribes have to help them meet their needs?chinnok_river.jpg

Hunting,fish,canoes,because the Great River lets them fish.Building houses and making totem poles.


Did your tribe have a money system or a barter system? Describe it.

The Tlingit people had a barter system. They carried on trade of different kinds of meat taken from their own waters.

because they didn't have much money so they bartered traditional item

  • What type of government did your tribe have?How did they handle conflict? The chinook indian has it own government,laws,police,and services.However Chinook indians are U.S citizens and must obey American law. The chinooks were led by a chief of headman. Today the chinook government by a tribal council elected by all the people.

  • What makes your tribe unique and differnt from other tribes?I like this tribe because,there moms smashed their babies forehead to mean they were special.