Roanoke1.What happened to the people of Roanoke? Nobody really knows. The only thing left in roanoke were two words written on two trees. The tree near the church said the word CROATOAN. The other tree said CRO. CRO looks alot like an unfinished CROATOAN to me. So maybe they had to leave but didn't have enough time to finish. One of the indicators would be to carve a maltese cross on a tree if they were forced to leave. ( below:Maltese crosses imprinted on coins.) What are some of the reasons we think they disapeared? Cannibalism, Spanish invasion, starvation, lost at sea.

  • Outer Banks- barrier islands along the coast of North Carolina
  • John White- governor of the City of Raleigh
  • armada- a fleet of ships
  • Sir Walter Raleigh- received a charter from Queen Elizabeth that allowed him to move to Roanoke
  • charter- a document that allows colonists to move to English territories
  • Virginia Dare- the first English child born on American soil; granddaughter of John White
  • CROATOAN- the indian tribe that lived near Roanoke; word found carved in a tree on Roanoke upon John White's return from England
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Photograph credit: John Gatt

4 Tari Maltese Coin 1567
fig. 13.
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external image croatoan1.jpgCharter to Sir Walter RaleighThis is the charter that Queen Elizabeth I gave Sir Walter Raleigh the right move people to Roanoke.