1.Where did your tribe live?
The Great Plains Indians lived in the center of America. They lived in Kansas,Texas,Oklahoma,New Mexico,and Colorado..
  • How did their home help protect them from the weather?Tee-pees would protect the Indians from bad weather. Plains area was hotter than 100 degrees in the summer . In the winter the temperature would be 40 degrees below zero with heavy snows in the winter.The region was so dry that then it rained it often flooded.

2.How does climate affect the way your Native American tribe meets their needs for food,clothing,and housing?
In the summer the Great Plains Indians would kill two or three wolves . Then they took the skin and put it over their bodies and pretended to be the wolves . They would sneak up on the buffalo and kill it . They would use the buffalo for food, clothing, blankets, and housing . They also farmed and rode their horses to rivers to go fishing. In the winter there were fewer buffalo so food was much harder to find.

Plains Indians dressed as wolves hunting buffalo

3.How do geography / landforms affect the way your Native America tribe meet their needs for food,clothing, and housing?
The great Plains Indians lived in the rolling hills and the plains of North America. Most of the Plains Indians lived along the rivers and streams where the land was fertile. The Plains included the Black Hills. The Black Hills were high and steep. The Indians needed horses to get around. The tribes would follow the buffalo when they moved. They would quickly pack up their tipis made of buffalo hide and sticks and move with the herds. Some tribes stayed in one place and planted crops and fished in rivers.
external image 300px-Three_chiefs_Piegan_p.39_horizontal.pngexternal image Muybridge_Buffalo_galloping.gif

4.How did your tribe rely on and use natural resources?

Some of the resources used were buffalo. They would kill the buffalo and use all of the buffalo like for food and they would use the bones for tools and weapons and use the skin for their homes and clothing. They would farm on the plains and they would use the rivers for water and food.native_american_dress.jpgexternal image buffaloBar.jpg
5.What types of jobs did Early Native American tribes have to help them meet their needs?
They were hunters,fishermen, they built houses,made baskets and they also grew crops like corn and squash. Some of the tribes would follow the buffalo herds when they moved around.
external image Pequot_fishing.jpg
6.Did your tribe have a money system or a barter system? Describe it.
They had a barter system when they traded horses,mules and buffalo skins. They traded their goods without using money. They would trade tee pee poles for horses and elk teeth for decoration for their clothing.
7.What type of government did your tribe have? How did they handle conflicts?

Each tribe had a council and a chief that was a male. Women had no place in the government. The Indians did not have laws like us , they were expected to behave according to custom. They would go to war to protect their land and horses.
8.What makes this tribe unique, different from other tribes?

The Plains Indians worshiped the Wakan Tanka or "Great Spirit". The Indians said that the Earth was the "Mother of All Spirits". There are over thirty tribes half are nomads and that means a person who moves around. The other half were farmers and lived in village and grew crops. The Plains Indians also had horses. The Spanish brought horses to North America in the 1500's.