1. Where did your tribe live?
They lived in parts of Colorado,Utah,Arizona,Texas,and northern New Mexico.

Map of Southwest USA
Map of Southwest USA

2. How did climate affect the way your tribe met their needs for food,clothing,and housing?
Southwest indians had a hard time farming because there wasn't water or rain. Irrigation helped the rain problem.
Hopi's climate was very hot and dry because there wasn't enough rain. Their houses weren't made out of wood because there weren't many trees.

3. How did landforms affect the way your tribe meets their needs for food,clothing,housing?
A large part of Hopi land is flat and low. In places the deserts rise to plateau. These flat-top mountains are called mesas. The Hopi indians built their homes on top of the mesas to protect them from enemies and floods.

external image HopiPueblo.jpg
4. How did your Tribe rely on and use Natural Resources?
They relied on Natural Resources like wood, water, mud, and cotton. Hopi used Natural resources for weapons,farming,houses,and clothing. Hopi hunters used bows and arrows made of wood and stone. They grew cotton to make cloth.
Indian Weapons: Bow and Arrows
Indian Weapons: Bow and Arrows

5. What types of jobs did Early Native American tribes have to help them meet their needs?
They farmed crops because they needed food to survive.They also cooked,weaved baskets,and made cloth.They used cloth for blankets,clothes,and other stuff they needed out of cloth.
external image Hopi%20Fine%20Art%20379.jpgnative_american_dress.jpg

6. Did your tribe have a money system or a barter system? Descibe it.
They had a barter system. The Hopis traded their baskets, dolls, berries and jewelry with other tribes.
external image 220px-Kachina_dolls.jpg

7. What type of government did your tribe have? How did they handle conflicts?
Each clan chooses a leader to represent them in the village council.When decisions affected all villages,each village selected a representative.
Photo of Native Americans
Photo of Native Americans

8. What makes your tribe unique,different from other tribes?
Hopi language was unique from other pueblos.The Hopi clowns are unique because they would correct misbehavior by making fun of the person who was up to no good.

Nulth-Ma Clown Mask
Nulth-Ma Clown Mask