this is decorated with spirt beads.
Buckskin Vests
Buckskin Vests
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Native American Clothes: Beaded Buckskin Clothes Bag
Native American Clothes: Beaded Buckskin Clothes Bag
this is what the girls carred they are like purses.
Iroquois Indians wore buckskin[deerskin] clothing,moccasins,and sometimes leggings.

THE CREATION STORY. Before men there were only sky people.They thought that one day the animals favorite sky person, a lady who fell into the only water earth.She

could not swim so the animals piled dirt on a turtle's back and that became land on earth.Then they thought that the lady made humans.The iroquois ate vegatables by farming.They also hunted animals for meat.
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Their tribes were cayuga,mohawk,oneida,seneca,and tuscarora.
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.iroquois is prounounced
.They call bean,squash,and corn the ''Three sister''.by:
Q:Where did your tribe live?
A:NY is were they use to live which was the called Eastern Woodlands

Q:How does climate affect the way your Native American tribe meets their needs for food,clothing,and housing?

They eat lots of
and all kind of
because their were woods and rivers around them.
.The Iroquois lived in longhouse and had fences around their villages to protect them.They had festivals each session like
.In there festivals at night they would tell storys about there tribe out at the

they made.Q:How do geography/landforms affect the way your Native American tribe meets their needs for food,clothing,and housing?

liveed in wooden longhouses because of the woody trees around there town.Since there were a lot of plants and forest there were bucks they use there skins to make clothing they also use the forest to farm and hunt food.
Q:How did your tribe rely on and use natural resources?
A:They use wood and bark to make houses.They relyed on wild animals and natures farming for food.they also used the wood for lances.

Q:Did your tribe have a money system or a barter system?

A: The iroquois traded with other woodland tribes .Most of the time they traded wampum.When the europeans arrived they started bartering FUR,BLANKETS,AND KNIVES.

Q:What types of jobs did ENAT (which is short for early native american tribe)have to help them meet
A:Farming,building houses,house work and all kinds of work.They also worked as warriors for the iroquois.their needs?
Q:whAat type of government did your tribe have?

:The iroquois had a government where if someone was murdered the murderers family sent wampum if they did not they got tortured.(Government by tribal court.)

Q:what makes this tribe unique,different from other tribes?

A:The iroquois were the only tribe that had longhouses and large fences.The iroquois had wampum while other tribes did not.The iroquois played lacrosse.The iroquois were the fiercest of all eastern woodland tribes.