maya_house.gifthe_cocoa_been.jpg1. The Maya tribe lived in Central America four thousand years ago. The majority of the Maya people lived in the Mexican states of Yucatan, Campeche, and Quintana Roo. Thousand of years ago they built cities with large temples and palaces. Miillons of Maya lived there.

Map of Mexico

2. The Mayan tribe ate corn, beef and tropical fruit. The Mayas ate other foods such as cornmeal, black beans, roasted meat, rabbit stew, turkey and meat. The main food was corn. The Mayas cooked the corn and used it to make corn muffins, corn on the cob, and corn pudding. The Mayan grew their own crop so we know that the climate was warm and humid. There clothing was rags made out of bufflo skin. Women weaved and used pattens to make beautiful garnments. The women also used strips and bold colors in their garments. The clothing was also made out of lightweight cotton. Since their clothing was lightweight we know that the climate was warm there. The women wore jewelry made out of beads. The Mayan people made their own furniture for their homes.


3.The climate was warm and humid. The water from the Caribbean Sea contributed to the climate. The summer months had the heaviest rainfall. Today, Mexico is the fifth largest country in the western hemisphere and it is rich in natural resources, such as petroleum natural gases. The Mayans are trying to catch all of the fish and grow their own fruits and vegetables. They love their planet; I guess they wanted to keep it clean. The Mayans created cenotes which were a sink-hole that was formed from the collapse of the limestone caves. The cenotes collected drinking water that was captured from the ground. Many homes did not have running water, so the Mayan used cenotes for their supply of water.


Explain how the Maya used water and other resources in their area (wood, stone, etc.) to survive.
4.They rely on the air because the land was dry and they needed the trees to grow faster for the fruit like apples, oranges, and mud berries. Without the fruit, the tribe will be starving. The winter and fall seasons did not provide any rain. The Mayas also rely on natural waterholes known as cenotes. This natural waterhole provided water to the trees and fruits. Without water lasting longer, the Mayas were not able to get fish or fresh water. The Maya depended on the rain-forest ecosystem for food.

5.The Mayan men went out to catch the food for the tribe. Everyday they send a Mayan to catch the food and the rest of the people build houses to keep them safe from the wolves and deer. The Mayas were skilled weavers and potters. The Mayas built observatories to watch the stars.

6. The Mayan had a money and barter system. The Mayan tribe traded luxury items such as feathers, gold, jade, amber and quartz, honey, dyes, incense, medicines, chile peppers and household ceramics. The Mayan started trading around 300 B.C. during the Pre Classic period. My favorite food is from the bean and just like money, the cacao bean was used as currency.maya_house.jpg

7. There is a chief who rules the Mayan. If you are a criminal, he would ritual sacrafice your life for another person. Then, if a ruler die, then both the son or wife would be in line to take its place or they might choose another person out of upper class and make them ruler. Each Maya city or state had several less important chiefs who served in jobs some like our mayors. The goverment send out people who want the land while the Mayan built houses to protect them. Sometimes, people wanted to fight for the land of the Maya, so they had an alarm to warn the goverment about the attack.

8. The Mayan are different because they had lots of things that the other people didn't have, such as oranges, bug tacos, beets, corn and other tropical fruit. They had to send different people to catch the food and water. They did lots of work like building houses, finding dirt and soil for the people. They also created an accurate calender. The Mayans started a calender and writing system. The pyramid was used as a calender. The pyramid had four stairways, each stairway had ninety one steps and there was a platform at the top of the pyramid, making three hundred sixty five days in a year. The Maya calendar had three different dating systems. The three dating systems are the Haab, the Tzolkin, and the Long count.

7. What type of government did your tribe have?

There is a chief who rules the Mayan. If you are criminal he would ritual sacrifice your life for another person. Then if a ruler die a brother, son or a wife would be in line to take its place or then they might choose another person out of upper class and make them ruler. Each Maya city or state also had several less important chieftains, who served in jobs somewhat like our mayors. Mayan_calendar.jpg