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This is a picture of a mound.Large cone shaped mounds held the remains of great men,their wives,and their servants.

  • Where did your tribe live?

  • The Mound Builders lived in North America. Mound builders built mounds in a large area from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Of Mexico and from Mississipi River to the Appalachin Mountians.The Mound Builders of Mississippi River were some of the first intensive farmers of North America's eastern woodland

  • How does climate affect the way your Native American tribe meets thier needs for food,clothing and housing?

  • The climate is short winters and long humid summers.The climate affects the food because the crops will not grow if it is too hot during the summer..As the climate grew cooler hunting became important not for only food but for clothing.The climate also affected the need for warm housing in the winter and dry housing in the rainy season.The climate affects the housing by the type of structrus they live in.

  • How do geography/landforms affect the way your Native American tribe meets their needs for food,clothing,and housing?

  • The geography/landforms affects the food by certin places the crops grow.The geography/landforms affects the clothing because fibers were used to dye thier cloths and animal skins from that area was used as clothing.Animals survived by rivers and other natural reources.Shells,rocks, and clay that came from natural waters were used for jewelry and decorating.The Mound Builders made some homes on top of dirt and grass mounds.The mounds could be as tall as 100 feet high.The inportant people lived on top of the mounds and others lived in wooden,straw,and clay huts.The mounds are larger than a football field.They buried jewlry,tools,and pottery they made in the mounds.
  • How did your tribe rely on and use natural resources?

  • The Mound Builders relied on their natural resources for food and shelter. They used the trees,wood,and leaves to make houses and roofs.They used the water from the river for drinking,bathing,and growing crops.They also used skins from the animals they killed for clothing.

  • What types of jobs did early Native American tribes have to help them meet their needs?

  • The early Mound Builders were hunters and gatheres to meet thier need for food.Many of the people also made pottery for drinking and eating out of.The Mound Builders fished and gathered wild plants.They gathered corn,beans,and squash.As the climate grew cooler farming brought less things,and villages began to war with eachother.

  • Did your tribe have money system or a barter system? Describe it.

  • The Mississippian Mound Builders used a barter system for acquiring gooods.A mound was usally set up along a river bank.There ,the people would trade their items for other items they needed. One person might trade animal skins for pottery.Another person might trade meat for crops that had been grown.The people of Hopwell were farmers and traded exitensively all over eastern North America.They fished and used the river and travled.

  • What type of government did your tribe have? How did they handle conflicts?

  • The Mound Builders government was a Chiefdom. This meant they had one main chief, who was the only leader. Political and other important decisions were made by the chief. The chief handled conflict and kept order.

  • What makes this tribe unique, different from other tribes?

  • They were unique because they made earth mounds for homes, ceremonies, and burials. The mounds that they made are what inspired their name.They were the earliest people to create large,complex villages in North America.