Did here Tribe Live? The Navajo native Americans lived in the southwest which includes Arizona,New Mexico,Utah,Colorado,Nevada,Texas,Southern California,and Northern Mexico.

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How Does The Climate Affect The Way Your Native American Tribe Meets Their Needs For Food ,Clothing,Housing?Where the Navajo lived it was very dry and they were never sure if their crops would survive.the Navajo had sheep for cotton to make clothing and to provided meat.there was a lot of logs and dirt,so that is what they made there houses out of.they would where buckskin for there clothing.they would where thin long sleeved shirts so the sun would not make them that hot,and so the sun would not burn their skin.

How Do Geography And Landforms Affect The Way Your Native American Tribe Meets Their Needs For Food,Clothing,and Housing?Most of the land is low and flat some areas there are plateaus.When it was cold,they wore sheep skin and deer skin.When it was hot they wore very little clothing.The mountains and plateaus affected the Navajo so they could get oil and coal for fires.w did your trib

How rely on and use natural resources?
Because the Navajo had logs,tree trunks,twigs,and mud to make it stick together for their houses.They have to have wood to make their fires and making chairs and tables for their family.


What kind of jobs did early native American tribes have to help them meet their needs?One of them is farming, housing,and hunting,and making ,spears,bow and arrows,and clothing.
Did your tribe have a money system or a barter system?describe it.Well they had a barter system because they did not have any money so they have to trade things they made for the food, clothing,hunting material
What makes this tribe unique,different from other tribe? What makes unique is their way of making jewelry and their way of making sand painting,making crops and big housesWhat type of government did your tribe have? How did they handle conflicts?Group of families t hat are related to each other.Their council is a group of leaders that make decisions for a group of people
Navajo has a council that meet at 4 times a year.In the past each Navajo band was lead by it's own chief ,who was chosen by a tribal council. Most important decisions were made by the council and all the Navajo council mebers had to agree with each other.