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1. Where does your tribe live?

The Native Americans tribe are natives of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. The Navajo (Dine people) homeland was called Dinetah. The Navajo people are still living in these states today. It is the largest tribe in North America.

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2. How does the climate affect the way your native american tribe meets their needs for food, clothing, and housing?

The climate had an affect on the Navajo tribe in many ways. Due to a lack of rain, it affected how they grew their food, such as corn. The Navajo Nation is in the high desert where temperatures can change from very hot to very cold in a few hours. During hot summer days on the plains, they wore loinscloth, but during the cold season, Both men and women wore deerskin ponchos and moccasins on their feet.haudenosaunee_food.gif

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Navajo people lived in Hogans. A hogan is made of wooden poles, tree bark and mud. It was packed with clay into a domed shape, with the door facing east. The thick walls in the hogan protected the people inside from wind and strong weather.

Navajo Hogan
Navajo Hogan

3. How do geography/landforms effect the way your Native American tribe meets their needs for food, clothing aournd housing?

The Navajo Nation is made up of high desert were there are canyons and plateaus. Because of little rain, they had to dig ditches from the river to supply water to the fields to grow food, because the land was so dry. The effects of the weather on the land produced layers of clay that were used by the people for making their pottery and building the hogans they live in.

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4. How did your tribe rely on and use natural resources?

The Navajo land had renewable and non-renewable natural resources, including ground waters, dry farmlands, wildlife and coal, uranium, oil, and natural gas. The Navajo tribe had plants, such as, Juniper, pinon and sagebrush that were used for medicines, dyes for wool used in weaving and for food.


5. What types of jobs did Early Native American tribes have to help them meet their needs?

Men and women of Native Amerian tribes had different jobs. Navajo men were the chiefs of their tribe. Men were the hunters and warriors . Navajo women were farmers, took care of the livestock, and also did most of the child care and cooking. Men made jewelry, and women wove rugs and made clay pots.

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6. Did your tribe have a money system or a barter system? Describe it?

Native Americans tribe (Navajo) used the barter system. The barter system trades goods and services needed to survive.

7. What type of government did your tribe have? How did they handle conflicts?

The Navajos live on a reservation, which is land that belongs to them and is under their control. The Navajo Nation has its own government, laws, police, and services, just like a small country. The Navajo's (Dine' people) handled conflicts by having a ceremony, were everyone gathered with their ideas, skills and wisdom, until the conflict was over.

Navajo Nation Grand Canyon Tours
Navajo Nation Grand Canyon Tours

8. What makes this tribe unique, different from other tribes?

260KK_AN0016D006_T.jpgThe Navajo tribe is unique because it is the largest tribe of the North American Indians.

What made the navajos different from other tribes is they believed if you invaded another tribe without them knowing, that was a brave deed, but if you openly attacked or went to war on another tribe, like European tribes did, this was bad, because it may hurt kids and elderly people.