• Where did your tribe live?
Central America (which present day countries in Central America?)
  • How does the climate affect the way your Native American tribe meets their needs for food, clothing, and housing?
  • Their house is made of wooden walls with clay and palm leavs for roof tops

They have a tropical climate that is hot and humid. They wore very little clothes and had good houses to keep the rain off of them.
(describe what the houses looked like and what they were made of to keep the rain out)
(What were the clothes made of and what did they look like?)
(How did they get their food)The Olmec choped down selvral trees to grow crops

  • How do geography/landforms affect the way your Native American tribe meets their needs for food, clothing, and housing?
This area is chartized by swampy lowland punctuated bylow hills ,ridges ,and volcanos.They get there food by growing potatos,squash,maize,andbeans.
You did not answer the whole question.
external image shamans-baby.gifexternal image shaman-animal.gif
external image museum-18.jpgexternal image museum-5.jpgThese are the costal heads, they are olmecs godexternal image san-lorenzo-1.jpgexternal image rancho-cobata.jpgexternal image san-lorenzo-3.jpgexternal image venta-park-108.jpg
external image noahbillie17.jpg
This is a home were some of the olmecs live

This is the Olmec Villages
This is the olmecs home external image olmec-jaguar.gifexternal image drinking-jaguar.gifexternal image olmec9.jpgexternal image jaguar-effigy.gif
external image river-heads.gifexternal image jaguar.jpg
This is were the olmecs live This is the olmecs scared jauguar

external image la-venta.jpg
Olmec History
Olmec History
external image oaxaca-mask-1.jpgexternal image arr-back.gifThis is the olmecas mask

  • They cleared the thick forest and the fast growing trees in their region and started to grow food
  • They grew cornThey all had similar gods of fertility,war ,and nature.
  • They folowed a 365 day calendar year.
  • Olmec dominated in cocoa,rubber and salt trade.
  • The first drainage system in Mesoamerica was discoverd there.
  • The region is also famous for carving heads.
  • The carved heads weigh 20 to 40 tons.
  • They liked art because many paintings and culptures were found.
  • Rubber was used for a ball to play sports like soccer.
  • For Omlecs religion they had snake worship.
  • They build pyrmaid

  • How did your tribe rely on and use natural resources?
they lived in swampy lowlands with lowhills and volcanoes.It was good land grow crops for farming

  • What types of jobs did Early Native American tribes have to help them meet their need?
They grew crops for every one on there tribe and they ate all of the food and keep growing more crops.
  • Olmecs were good farmers and grew crops to feed their families.
They can trade their art work and sell them and get money for them.

  • What type of goverment did your tribe have? How did they handle conflicts?
Yes they did,it was the state goverment and it was bast on religion.
  • What makes this tribe unique, different from other tribes?
They were mesoamerican civilzation bloodletting was used as a tool to leg itimige and mesoamerican ballgame was a sport.