1. Where did your tribe live ?
Olmec people lived in present day Mexico Guatemala .

2. How does climate affect the way your tribe met their needs for food
Olmec people have tropical climate. Tropical climate means it can be rainy seasons so they can plant, gather fruit, honey, and
squash. The temperature was warm and moist. The tropical climate made it possible for the Olmec people to be productive due to the growth of corn. This attracted people from other regions who offered different types of metals and other valuable items for trade. The metals were used for jewelry and furniture.

3. How do geography/landforms affect the way your Native American tribe meets their needs for food, clothing, and housing?
The Olmec's used the geography/ landforms to their advantage. They created fake islands along the rivers. They also used hills to grow crops. The Omec people grew lots of corn. The corn could be stored for long periods of time and also used to create different types of food. Squash was also an important crop for the Omec people. They also used cotton plants trees, and rubber trees for clothing and housing needs. The Olmec people had to rotate crops yearly to make sure the soil was rich enough to properly grow the crops. They also allowed parts of the land to be crop free at times to regain nutrients.

4. How did your tribe rely on and use natural resources?
The Olmec people relied on natural resources for clothes, food, and housing. They used cotton and rubber trees to make clothes and also for housing needs. They also used different types of metal to make jewerly. They used stone to build barriers for crop production.

5. What types of jobs did Early Native American tribes have to help meet their needs?
Olmec people were farmers, doctors, priest, teachers, and warriors.

Please explain what the responsibilities of the natives performing these jobs. Each of your answers should be detailed and informative.

6. Did your tribe have a money system or a barter system? Describe it.
Olmec people had barter system so they would trade for other objects.
Explain who they trade with, what they traded, and why.
They traded with other olmecs or other people with food and other things.

clothing.jpg7.What type of government did your tribe/how did they handle conflicts?
The olmec government was controlling. It controlled the trading power and the monetary system. It also set rules and regulationsfor the peopleto follow. It also servere methods of punishmentt to handle law breakers.
8.what makes this tribe unique, different from other tribes?
they were more conservative in their way of living. The olmecs set the pace for the other surrounding tribes.