• East Tennessee

East Tennessee has the Smokey Mountains, Cumberland Plateau, valleys, ridges, hills, and the Tennessee River. They have a river so they can ship cargo. The land affects the jobs. On the Cumberland Plateau people can farm, mine for oil and coal, cut down trees and use the logs for houses, and visit the waterfalls. People also go there for tours.Also the Great Smoky Mountains are the most visited national park.The Clingmans Dome is 6,643 feet,It is the highest point in Tennessee.
Created by Mrs. Coltrin and Mrs. Greene's class.

  • Middle Tennessee

There are beautiful sights to see. There are rivers, waterfalls, the Nashville Basin, the Highland Rim, and underground caves. Farmers up in the basin plant crops. People work in the music business and state government in Nashville.

Created by Miss Palmer's and Mrs. Dalton's classes.


  • West Tennessee

West Tennessee is part of the Coastal Plain.
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As the population gets bigger, we have to use trash cans, be careful not to pollute, and recycle.